Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wanna Play? Just a Few Que$tion$ For You and Your Momma

This story is starting to die down so someone has to keep it alive.
Sure, Miami General Manager Jeff Ireland was a hair over the line when he asked the newest Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute during a pre-draft interview.
Okay, slightly over the line, for most people.

Not me.

Folks, we're talking the National Football League here, not an accounting temp position. We're talking the Big Boy league for some even bigger Big Boy bucks.

You have to know what you're buying. How deep are the skeletons in the family closet? It matters. Were they trying to draw a response to see how he'd handle it?
For that amount of cabbage, there are no boundries.
For $20 million bucks, you can ask me anything you want. Nothing to hide here. Don't worry about my feelings, you can't ask anything that a big, fat signing bonus won't cure.
My childhood? Ask away. Those allegations concerning the 2 chickens and the cow? Just allegations. Convicted? No, never convicted (Winger, John).....That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

When do I get paid? That is the appropriate response.
Remember, the NFL is a tough business. As I've said before, if you can't hack it, go play soccer.
More NFL draft
Haven't been this happy with Mr. Davis and the braintrust in years. Rolando McClain was the guy I wanted and we got 'em. Add Jason Campbell to the mix as my quarterback and I'm downright giddy.

Any quarterback who weighs more than I do shouldn't be a QB. He should be a lineman. JaMarcus, don't let the door hit your lazy ass on they way out.

Tim Tebow? You serious? That pick outdoes makes the Darrius Heyward-Bey pick look like pure genius (not that you asked, but DH-B is gonna have a big year this year.
I couldn't have scripted it better. Timmy Rah-Rah goes to Denver and to seal Josh McDaniels' fate in that craphole.


Six Down......10 To Go
I'd be remiss if I didn't say I'm enjoying the Bruin's ride through the playoffs.

Happy to see Marc "Vamp" Savard back in the lineup and I needed a reason to mention Tuuuuuuuuukka Rask in this spot for the first time.

Keep it going boys.

D-Bag of the Year nominees - We started with Gilbert Arenas, moved to the brat Lane Kiffin, added Ben Roethlisberger and now are staring at Barber, Tiki, and Carcillo, Dan in our search for the D-Bag of the Year in sports.

Mr. Selfish Tiki Barber was linked to a 23-year old associate while his wife was home pregnant with twins. I'd say I'm surprised but this guy always was a me-first tool.

I hate the Giants, always will, but was happy they won the Super Bowl the year after Tiki let slip his retirement intentions a month into the season in an attempt to give himself a farewell tour.

To get a farewell sendoff, people have to care about you first, idiot.
A special shoutout to NBC ridding my television set of Mr. Barber.

Carcillo, Dan - this tool should be in an exhibit in the Philly Zoo in a cage marked "Dickhead". I'm all for rough stuff on the ice, but Carcillo is a joke. Here's hoping my boy Looch rips his head off before the Bruins excuse the Flyers from the playoffs.

Is it fitting to end the blog that began with Dez Bryant by wishing Momma's everywhere a happy Mother's Day?
It wasn't the plan, but neither is most of what I do.