Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL Predictions 2009

****I put the beer away since the last posting. While it pains me, Oakland is a year away from challenging San Diego in the AFC West. The Chargers win the division, the Raiders finish second. Denver and Kansas City are going to be horrible, that part wasn't alcohol induced.****

AFC Division Winners
New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens
Indianapolis Colts
San Diego Chargers
AFC Wild Card
Pittsburgh Steelers
Houston Texans

AFC First Round
Pittsburgh over San Diego

Baltimore over Houston

AFC Divisional Playoffs

New England over Pittsburgh

Indianapolis over Baltimore

AFC Championship Game

Indianapolis over New England - Peyton Manning bests Tom Brady in a thriller. The Pats will rue the day they traded Richard Seymour as the move jumps up and bites Bill Belechick in the backside.

NFC Division Winners

Philadelphia Eagles
Green Bay Packers
Atlanta Falcons
Seattle Seahawks

NFC Wild Card

Minnesota Vikings
Washington Redskins

NFC First Round
Minnesota over Seattle

Atlanta over Washington

NFC Divisional Playoffs

Philadelphia over Minnesota

Green Bay over Atlanta

NFC Championship Game

Green Bay over Philadelphia - The Dog Killer of Philadelphia misses the Super Bowl, allowing Roger Goodell to breath easy. Imagine the media frenzy at the Super Bowl around Michael Vick. Then again, don't bother. Dogs everywhere rejoice as Aaron Rodgers exorcises the ghost of Favre and leads the Pack back to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 44

Indianapolis 27, Green Bay 17 - I picked the Colts here last year, and they screwed me. Without Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison, Peyton Manning captures his 2nd Super Bowl title.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

AFC Preview

AFC Preview
Disclaimer – I promise to be unbiased when making these selections, especially in the AFC West….yeah, right.
AFC East
1-New England Patriots – Yeah, this pains me but the Pats are the class of the division, even if Tom Brady is, and always will be, a fumbler.
2-New York Jets – Mark Sanchez will certainly struggle, but the Jets are the best of the rest in the division after the Pats. Besides, my collegiate humor level allows me to laugh every time I write the Jets will be quarterbacked by The Dirty Sanchez.
3-Miami Dolphins – Heard this tidbit…when Chad Pennington makes 10 or more starts in a season, his team goes to the playoffs. . That tells me that Chadwick has a tough time staying healthy on a consistent basis. Also, the Fish way, way over-achieved last year.
4- Buffalo Bills – T.O.’s first year in western NY. By the end of it, he’ll be wishing he was back in Philly with his buddy Donovan and the dog killer.
AFC North
1-Baltimore Ravens – Great defense and a decent young QB good enough not to screw things up.
2-Pittsburgh Steelers – The defending champs are the most talented team in the division but my 6th sense tells me Big Ben and the Steelers are going to struggle this year. Call it a hunch.
3-Cincinnati Bengals – Carson Palmer is healthy and Chad Johnson seems to be playing with a purpose. His new moniker is stupid so it won’t be acknowledged in this spot. The best news for the Bengals is that Cleveland is still in the division.
4-Cleveland Browns – Ugly, ugly, ugly. At least we get to find out if Brady Quinn can play, if Eric Mangini gives him the reigns to the team.

AFC South
1-Indianapolis Colts – The chic pick in the division is Houston. Not here. Even without Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison, the Colts are the team to beat until someone beats them.
2-Houston Texans – While I won’t chug the kool-aid as it pertains to Houston, I’ll take a sip. If QB Matt Schaub stays healthy, DE Mario Williams and the defense will lead the Texans to the playoffs.
3-Tennessee Titans- How this team won 13 games last year with Kerry Collins at QB is beyond me. Albert Haynesworth has moved on to Washington so the defense is significantly weakened. Collins can’t possibly have another year like 2008 and Vince Young still sucks.
4-Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jags have fallen like a rock since an impressive playoff run in 2007 and the rip cord on the parachute isn’t working. This is a team headed toward a top-five pick in the 2010 draft.
AFC West
1-San Di..... – Oakland Raiders – Ha! Didn’t think I was really going to do that, did you? JaMarcus Russell will come of age and Darren McFadden will have a monster year. If Richard Seymour reports, the Raider defense will be significantly improved. Nnamdi Asomugha is a stud in the secondary and Tom Cable will kick any naysayer’s ass. The Raiders head back to the playoffs.
2-San Diego Chargers – Kudos to Shawne Merriman for keeping his focus on the field and keeping his name out of the news off the field. Ooooops. Sounds like a bit too much Tequila over the weekend, if you know what I mean...allegedly, of course. I know, the Bolts went to the AFC title game, big deal. They didn’t win and that is as far as a Norv Turner coached club can go. LT’s gas tank is running low and the Charger window of opportunity will close this year.
4a-Denver Broncos – No third place team in this division, both the Broncos and Chiefs are a total disaster and neither is worth the third spot in the division. The Broncos are on the path to their worst season in a long time and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.
4b- Kansas City Chiefs – See Denver.
Coming later this week: Playoff and Super Bowl Predictions