Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL Predictions 2009

****I put the beer away since the last posting. While it pains me, Oakland is a year away from challenging San Diego in the AFC West. The Chargers win the division, the Raiders finish second. Denver and Kansas City are going to be horrible, that part wasn't alcohol induced.****

AFC Division Winners
New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens
Indianapolis Colts
San Diego Chargers
AFC Wild Card
Pittsburgh Steelers
Houston Texans

AFC First Round
Pittsburgh over San Diego

Baltimore over Houston

AFC Divisional Playoffs

New England over Pittsburgh

Indianapolis over Baltimore

AFC Championship Game

Indianapolis over New England - Peyton Manning bests Tom Brady in a thriller. The Pats will rue the day they traded Richard Seymour as the move jumps up and bites Bill Belechick in the backside.

NFC Division Winners

Philadelphia Eagles
Green Bay Packers
Atlanta Falcons
Seattle Seahawks

NFC Wild Card

Minnesota Vikings
Washington Redskins

NFC First Round
Minnesota over Seattle

Atlanta over Washington

NFC Divisional Playoffs

Philadelphia over Minnesota

Green Bay over Atlanta

NFC Championship Game

Green Bay over Philadelphia - The Dog Killer of Philadelphia misses the Super Bowl, allowing Roger Goodell to breath easy. Imagine the media frenzy at the Super Bowl around Michael Vick. Then again, don't bother. Dogs everywhere rejoice as Aaron Rodgers exorcises the ghost of Favre and leads the Pack back to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 44

Indianapolis 27, Green Bay 17 - I picked the Colts here last year, and they screwed me. Without Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison, Peyton Manning captures his 2nd Super Bowl title.


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