Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A nice place to visit.....

****Qualifier – It is true that nobody on this planet will ever offer me $50 million for anything (maybe to stop writing, but that’d be my only shot) but, I created this website and I have opinion so I’m going to launch.****

Do you really think Kobe Bryant and/or LeBron James head to Europe for a $50 million payday to play basketball?

Let me sum up the possibility – No.

The rumor mill that has been swirling since Josh Childress and a few other less-than-marquee NBA’ers have begun to jump across the pond won’t ever get to the big boys of the league. There is too much at stake right here for the Kobe’s and LeBron’s of the world.

Namely…………………advertising revenue.

The cash cow known as marketing opps that currently exist will evaporate very quickly if someone of that value were to uproot and take their game to Europe.

Besides, these guys are already loaded. Yes, 50 mil is a big number, but these guys got to where they are not only because they are talented with the rock, but also because they are competitive. Winning a “B” league just isn’t the same as winning an NBA title.

Breaking news ----Dan Dickau has reportedly signed with Italian team Avellino. This will be his seventh team in seven seasons.

More breaking news – Nobody cares that Dan Dickau is going to Italy, except possibly for his family and maybe a few close friends who don’t like to fly.

The motivation for Kobe and LeBron to give talk like this some play is simple, try to force NBA czar David Stern to loosen the strings on the league’s salary cap and offer up more cash to the superstars. Sad part is, it’ll probably work.

But, what if it ever did happen and Kobe, for example, went to Italy?

His father, Joe, played professionally there and Bryant did acquire a 50% stake in Olimpia Milano of the Italian Professional Basketball League in 1999 so there are some roots.
Think of the possibilities, Bryant has no problem launching 30 shots a game now, how would it be if he owned the team? (I’ll spare the jokes that he runs the Lakers now, appearances aside).

I can see the headlines now……..

“Kobe wins Italian League championship………who cares?”
“Kobe finally wins title without Shaq.”

“Bryant averages 78 shots a game, team loses again.”

In short, be thankful for what you have here. If you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way outta here.

Photo credit - AP Photo, David Phillip


snootful said...
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snootful said...

One of those recliner guys huh?
I bet you'd be star athlete on the moon!
Well here are my thoughts.
I don't think anyone in sports should be getting paid 50 mil. Salaries are already obscene. It's because of these absurd payouts that it costs so much that families can't even afford to go to major sporting events any more. I think salary caps are a good thing unfortunately with salaries what they are already I'm not sure it would help much at this point. But you have to start somewhere. Let’s make going to a ball game and affordable thing again!

Look at the cost of eating or drinking at the event. There are 124 16 ounce drafts to a half keg of beer. They charge 8.75 at some stadiums for a draft beer. That comes out to $1085 they are taking in on a $75.00 ½ keg. I know there is some other over head involved but that is still INSANE!