Sunday, September 14, 2008

Raiders win! So Why Am I Not Happy?

Smash-mouth football at its best, baby.

If the Raiders are going to be successful (on the field) this year, the running game has to lead the way as JaMarcus Russell grows and matures.

That scenario occurred Sunday in Kansas City.

Darren McFadden was the stud everyone hoped he would be. Michael Bush picked up the tough yards in the fourth quarter and finished with 90 yards rushing. In all, the Raiders ran for 300 yards in the win.

The only sour note from the offensive standpoint was the groin injury to Justin Fargas. Depth isn't a problem, but Fargas has been a hard working, loyal player for many years now.

The defense was solid. True, the Chiefs are a JV team with no QB's, even if Brodie Croyle had played. He stinks, so does Damon Huard and the rest.

The LB's, led by Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard, were terrfic. Derrick Burgess made plays. No complaints.

Seabass was dropping bombs all over Arrowhead. His 56-yarder early in the game is a new Raiders record.

I should be happy, and part of me is. But I'm not.

There was an ESPN report prior to the game that Lane Kiffin was going to get fired Monday, win or lose. I hope that happens.

I've been a huge supporter of the 33-year old coach, but I've had enough of the garbage that has been coming from his mouth.

The head coach is supposed to provide leadership to a team, among other things. The final straw came during the week when he distanced himself from the defensive effort last Monday night, saying that d coordinator Rob Ryan put together the game plan with assistance from Al Davis.
The head coach, a mature one, would accept all blame for the game plan. It comes with the territory.

Lane Kiffin should have known the day he was hired that this was a dysfunctional organization. It drives the most loyal members of the Raider Nation nuts sometimes, but this is what it is.
For me, I root for the jersey, not the name. If you don't like it hear, hit the road pal and good luck finding another job any time soon.

Lane Kiffin should have been grateful for being given a chance to be a head coach in the NFL at the age of 32. Instead, he has come off and immature, arrogant, and insubordinate for most of his tenure. Pretty bold for a guy with a 5-13 career record

When describing an employee and those three terms come into the conversation, you can usually add the term "stupid" to the mix.

I want to root for Lane Kiffin. But I also want a head coach who wants to be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

That said, we are 1-1 with a tough road trip coming to Western New York to play the 2-0 Bills.

Whether it is Lane Kiffin, Rob Ryan, or James Lofton, I hope the head coach that leads the team on the field is as committed as he is asking his players to be.

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