Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shoot me, Please!

I came into Draft Day 2009 hoping Michael Crabtree would become an Oakland Raider.

Looking back, I've been targeting him since the beginning of last season's college football season.

Breaking news : the Raiders just selected Darrius Heyward-Bey of Maryland with the 7th pick of the draft.

The Raiders have become a fixture in the top seven picks of the NFL draft. It is a status earned by sucking year in and year out.

.Drafting a guy with bad hands but with a quick 40-time over Crabtree or Jeremy Maclin is just plain STUPID and SENILE.
My day is ruined.

I'm turning off the draft. No further draft analysis is coming, the Raiders don't deserve my time.

Being a Raider Fan is hell.


mdtnelson said...

Well, at least they waited until the 2nd round to take a safety that can't play.

Mark said...

Even Jets fans are feeling sorry for you guys

Sean Martin....aka "Pugsley" said...

This may go down as the darkest weekend in the history of the greatest franchise in the history of sports.