Saturday, February 27, 2010

Open Letter To Our Good Neighbors Up North

Before delving into my Olympic (jingoistic) spirit, let me get a few things out of the way:

Disclaimer #1 - The next time I get labeled an "Ugly American", won't be the first time. And, no, I don't mean my appearance.

I give thanks every day that I was born an American and to a country that allows me to live my life as I see it and where I can spew my opinions in a forum such as this.
I do, however, and always have, have a soft spot in my heart for our good friends to the north, the Canadian people.
Disclaimer #2 - I don't mean the French Canadians in the note above, my feud with them will never cease. Ever.

Anyway, the Canucks are very good natured, caring, and giving people. The beer is top notch and "Oh Canada" is one of the best national anthems going.
The story of Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette, who skated to a bronze medal days after her mother's untimely death at the Games, is the feel-good story of these Olympics for me.
Even the panhandlers in Toronto apologized for bothering me as I nudged by them with my shoulder in the summer of 1994. Sorry 'bout that, I didn't have any spare Monopoly money to spare during my weekend jaunt.

You see, I'm not mean spirited when it comes to Canada. Our neighbors from the north are kinda like the kid in the neighborhood who would do anything to hang with pack.

Need a dollar with no intent on repayment? No problem. Need a beer and don't feel like getting up? Just ask the kid who is just glad to be in the room.

.Real quiet, never causes a stir.........reminds me of Canada. Eh?

Tomorrow at 3 p.m. (EST), my goodwill and diplomacy will take a back seat to good 'ole American pride baby.........Big Brother U.S.A, Stars & Stripes, Apple Pie, you get where I'm going.

We'll be hoping the Canadian hockey players gag under the intense pressure of their country.

Yup..............Big Brother vs. Little Brother.
Don Cherry? Luv ya dude but I'm hoping Grapes is a bit sour around 6 p.m. Sunday evening and for millions of Little Brothers to be drowning their sorrows in their Molson Canadiens while Big Brother celebrates all night long.

.We'll cheer for Sidney Crosby to become Bill Buckner, for Roberto Luongo to cave under the pressure of his homestanding fans.

For Ryan Miller, I'll go back to disliking you once you are back in Buffalo, but give me one more all-time effort and I'll boo you slightly less when you are playing my Bruins.

You can do it, you are an American. We're better than everyone, just ask me.



Squirrelly said...

Amen brother! All of those Canadien players love spending the millions of American greenbacks they earn here in the good 'ole USA. Time for a 2nd miracle on ice-30 years later (although it's not quite the same with NHL players).
Love ya Pugs.

Logans_Dad said...

Canada is merely a life support system for northern pike, brook trout and hockey players. And a beautifull one at that. Life would truly suck without any of these. Hey, canada, while you're up, could you get me a cold one?

Logans_Dad said...

Great game canada, now go get me another beer.

佳慧 said...

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