Monday, October 20, 2008

Raiders Win! And I'm going to gloat...

A Raider win is always a nice feeling.

However, this one is a little sweeter given that I live in New York and know a lot of Jets fans, who have no clue how to handle what little success their team gives them.

Sebastian Janikowski saved the day, filled with defensive offside penalties and an annoying attempt to freeze a kicker in the waning moments of regulation that nearly blew up in the face of INTERIM head coach Tom Cable.

First, the good stuff:

Janikowski's 57-yarder in OT is a Raider record. I'm one of the few who still likes the fact that the Raiders took him as a first-round pick way back when.

JaMarcus Russell played very well, especially in OT. There were a few down moments, but Russell stepped up and tossed more than a few lasers to his receivers. Javon Walker had a nice day as did TE Zack Miller. Russell was on par with future HOF'er Brett Favre.

Speaking of Favre, I can't remember the last time the Raider defense harassed and pounded on a QB like they did Sunday. The blitz schemes were well choreographed and Favre took a beating.
With Nnamdi Asomugha and Deangelo Hall on the corners, the Jets were conservative in the passing game, rarely challenging the pair. Most of New York's damage was done on short passes over the middle that Oakland - for the most part - contained and kept the gains short.

The running game was solid. Justin Fargas had some minus plays, but he ran hard as he always does. OC Greg Knapp is doing a good job and getting Darren McFadden the ball in space and the rookie is showing why he was so heavily hyped.

The Bad:

Four offsides penalties in the first quarter, three on the opening drive. I can't type the word STUPID enough here, so I'll leave it at one. We won the game so I'll get over it quickly.

PLEASE.....enough with calling the timeout just as the ball is being snapped on a field goal. Jay Feely's kick hit the upright and bounced out in what would have been a Raider win in regulation. Because of the timeout, Feely was able to gather himself and buried the 52-yard re-kick.
Don't give a professional time to gather his thoughts and possibly guage the wind in what is a practice kick. This trick fails as much as it works. Let it go.

Last thought - Welcome to the win column, Coach Cable.

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